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Creating Memorable Moments that Last a lifetime

Father / Child Adventrue Retreats 

Every child will remember moments in their childhood with their dad. Create an intentional memory by chasing adventure together.
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I'd recommend this trip to anyone. As a dad, it's tough for me to prioritize time with my kids above my wife, family, work, and other obligations. Getting this time on the calendar was a really fun excuse that ended up helping me realize how important it is to make time to be with my kids, and gave me small specific steps I could take immediately after coming home.



Last weekend, I went on one of the most memorable trips of my life. A group of fathers got to spend the weekend pouring into some of our kids and spending time with them on their level. It was so much more than a deep-sea fishing trip. So many memories were made, and I pray that Andrew remembers this trip for the rest of his life. I also hope that I’ll have the chance to go on similar adventures with the rest of my kids in the near future.

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